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Ferro Cement was developed by an Italian architect named P.L. Nervi in 1940. Ferro Cement is generally applied to a Portland Cement and Sand Mixture applied over layers of expanded steel mesh and steel rebars that are closely spaced and also have small-diameter. Ferro Cement is also termed as ‘Ferro Concrete’ or Reinforced Concrete’. Wire mesh is used as reinforcement. Concrete is not used, instead Portland Cement Mortar is used. The strength of the Ferro Cement Works depends on the mesh and cement-sand mixture.


Following are the Main advantages of Adopting Ferro Cement Works,

• Raw materials are easily available in most of the countries.
• It can be constructed in any shape.
• Thickness compared with RCC or Brick Wall is very less.
• Provides homogeneous stability and strength to the structure.
• Cost of the construction is low compared with RCC Works.
• Provide resistance to fire, corrosion and earthquake.

Typical section of Ferro cement

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